Embracing individuality and regional identity

Imbibo was founded in Melbourne in 2009, born of the idea that wine is definitely intellectual, but for us it’s mostly visceral. We are about place, time, variety and the people who bring these things together.

We represent a group of winemakers who are sole operators and family businesses. Some have decades or even centuries of history and generations behind them, others are the foundations of that journey. Some are Australian, some are not. Some are growers, some are gatherers. Despite their differences, our family of producers all share a determination to create wines that remain true to their origin—the individuality of their terroir, local culture and regional tradition—always with a genuine respect of the land around them.

With very small production quantities, the wines we sell are hard to find but easy to remember. Our growers are close to us, we wear their hearts on our sleeves and our attitude to selling their wine is reflective of this. We encourage and embrace individuality and regional identity and search out wines with meaning and purpose.

We care about wine from its connection to the microbes in the soil, through to the temperature it is served in your glass. Over the last decade we have remained true to these ideas and remain sticklers for quality: what’s in the bottle, how we ship, the conditions of our warehouse and how we communicate with the wine people that we work with.

Delivery details:

  • Every bottle sent from Imbibo has been shipped and stored in temperature controlled conditions.
  • Free delivery applies to all orders over $400 (inc-GST). Orders under $400 will attract a delivery fee: $14 ex-GST for VIC, ACT, NSW, SA and QLD, $18 ex-GST for TAS and $25 ex-GST for WA and NT.
  • Orders can be in split cases.